What makes our fabric wrap so special?


Every EncoreWrap® fabric bag has the following characteristics:

Ease of use

A secured ribbon for tying.

Lifetime guarantee

EncoreWrap® labeling: we stand by every bag we make and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fabric details

A second layer of complementary fabric to enhance the built-in bow. In addition, each bag is fully lined.

Thoughtful construction

A flat bottom made from a complementary fabric so that your gift looks like a gift and not something in a simple drawstring bag.

A built-in bow

Most importantly, every fabric bag is constructed with a built-in bow. The bow appears once the ribbons are wrapped and tied.

Every EncoreWrap® wrapping square has the following characteristics:

Simple to use

Just wrap your gift and tie the ends in a knot or wrap them over each other. Have fun and experiment!

Lifetime guarantee

EncoreWrap® labeling: we stand by every bag we make and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reversible construction

Every square is double-sided, giving you twice as many wrapping options and a pleasing “pop” of contrasting colour.

Bags and squares come in a variety of sizes

carefully designed to work together and create endless wrapping options

At EncoreWrap, we endeavor to use only the very best materials. This means:

  • Utilizing organic and sustainable fabrics.
  • Sourcing ribbons that are recycled or upcycled wherever possible.
  • Hunting through second-hand stores to find interesting fabrics and upcycling them into the bags and squares.
  • Researching textile and clothing manufacturers to see if they have waste materials or deadstock that can be used.


  • Making a product that you will be proud to use, again and again.
  • Designing a convenient-to-use product with a big “wow” effect.


About our materials

Organic Cotton Fabric

Soft quilt-weight poplins in glorious colours. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

Hemp Organic Cotton

This lightweight fabric is made from a 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton blend and has a lovely, soft drape. The stripe comes from weaving dyed and natural yarns together; it is actually woven directly into the fabric and isn’t printed.

Recycled Ribbons

Many ribbons we use are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Silk “Raffia”

These lovely and vibrant silk ribbons were once saris.


Often one-of-a-kind, these bags are made from fabrics I used personally to make something special. Maybe a mask, perhaps pajamas: now the bits remaining are used to make a reusable bag.

We're working to make it easy to reduce reuse rewrap!

Lifetime Guarantee

If at anytime the construction of your EncoreWrap® fabric bag or square fails to live up to the use for which it is intended (ie wrapping gifts), then--as long as I'm still making these--please let me know.

We'll arrange for you to send it back to me and I'll repair it for you so you can keep rewrapping.

Shipping will be up to you, but I will repair, exchange or replace it for free, at my discretion.