How to reWrap using EncoreWrap


How to reWrap using EncoreWrap™

Here are some ideas to get you started rewrapping your gifts to eliminate gift-wrap waste:

For Families

Purchase a set for each member of your family, color coded to who likes what. Just imagine all the beautiful presents during holiday festivities!

You’ll never have to worry about supplies for birthdays, anniversaries or other special dates, either.

Rest assured knowing that there won’t be any wrapping paper or ribbon waste left over after you’re done exchanging the gifts.

Once you’re done, just fold the fabric bags, tuck them into your storage box and save them for the next celebration.

For friends

Buy a set or two and share them within your friend group: wrap, give and exchange and rewrap and give again.

Moving-out gifts

Buy a set for a young person moving out on their own for the first time. They’ll never have to worry about buying wrapping paper and accessories!

Housewarming parties

If you’ve moved into a new home, how about not bringing your old gift wrap with you? Ask that your guests bring you reusable fabric bags and start a new tradition in your new home.

Wedding & Baby Showers

Having a wedding or a baby shower? Ask that people bring your gifts in reusable bags! That way, once the party is done, you’ll have a full set of reusable fabric bags and squares. Interested? Contact me and let’s chat.

Gift and return

When you give a gift, just request that the person return the wrap once they are done opening your fabulous present. If you’ve already told your friends that you are using reusable fabric gifts bags, they’ll know what to do!

Gift and rewrap

Give your gift in an EncoreWrap™ bag as a secondary gift so your friend can rewrap later like a pro (in other words, like you!).

EncoreWrap™ is shareable, washable and reusable for years to come. No gift wrap waste, just happy gift giving.

Swap and share your EncoreWrap!

Get your friends together over lunch (or cocktails!) and swap and share the wraps as you chat.


Maybe one friend has the size you need to borrow, maybe someone else has a fabric you’re dying to use.


I’ll bet a third friend has a colour that’s perfect for an upcoming event.


Together, you have more options!